Hole Saws

These high-quality hole saws are manufactured in Germany by Alfra and made from Tungsten Carbide for excellent durability. The MBS PRO’s triple thickness wall construction and wide flutes for chip removal will make any job easy to cut in carbon steel materials up to ¾-inch thick and 5-inch diameter.

This hole saw is a great solution for drilling holes in thin gauge stainless steel (10-12 ga. SS). If you are drilling stainless steel enclosures, it is HALF the cost of doing the same hole with a punch and die. Both the saw and the replaceable pilot guide drill are made for a long life. They are all supplied with an ejector spring to eject the removed material.

Suitable for flat materials but also pipes and curved surfaces. Cutting of overlapping holes is possible.

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  • MBS-Pro TCT Hole Saw MBS-Pro TCT small diameter Hole Saw

    Alfra MBS-Pro TCT Hole Saw

    Alfra MBS-PRO TCT hole saw Alfra MBS-PRO hole saws are high quality tools precision made in Germany by Alfra with Tungsten Carbide cutting surfaces for excellent durabiltiy.   The MBS PRO’s triple thickness wall construction...

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