Din Rail

Is your Din Rail RoHS compliant?

Yes. Our products are made with trivalent chrome, meaning it can be used and shipped globally.


What are your standard lengths?

Our standard Din Rail lengths are 1 meter and 2 meters. We can custom cut to your specifications if requested. 


Do you have Din Rail in stock?

Yes. Our product is in stock and ready to ship from our warehouse in Saint Henry, Ohio. For pre-cut Din Rail, we try to have your order shipped out within 1-2 weeks.


How many cuts can the blade of the DIN rail cutter make before it needs a replacement blade?

The cutting is actually completed by a shearing plate which is approximately 13 mm or ½ inch thick, so it will last for an expected life of more than a couple hundred thousand cuts.


Can you cut custom length DIN rail and wiring duct?

Control Panel Supply offers custom cut lengths of both DIN rail and wiring duct. Send your requirements to info@controlpanelsupply.com along with the quantity, and we will quote it for you.

Wiring Duct

Do the Wiring Ducts come with the cover?

Yes. The price of our Wiring Duct includes both the cover and duct in each order, so you don’t have to order two separate pieces.


What agency requirements are met?

Our Wiring Duct is both UL and CE approved and RoHS compliant, meaning it can be used and shipped globally. Our product is in stock and ready to ship from our warehouse in Saint Henry, Ohio.


What is the difference between standard and premium quality?

Our standard quality is more economical and functional. Our premium quality has a slightly better color, fit and finish. Both styles can be pre-cut per your specifications.


Can I purchase replacement covers for the wiring duct?

Yes, replacement covers for both premium and standard wiring duct are available in all both gray and white in all sizes.


Do you offer both thin finger and wide finger Wiring Duct?

The standard quality is offered in both thin finger and wide finger varieties from sizes of 1” x 1” up to 
6” x 4”. Our premium quality is offered only in thin finger, in sizes from 1” x1” up to 4” x 4”.

Assembly Tables & Cutting Tools

What is the difference between the two different assembly tables?
The main difference between the two types of tables is the number of adjustable axes. The lower cost table (AMTE-300) only offers a powered tilt adjustment with a fixed height. The higher cost table (AMTE-400) offers the adjustable tilt, but in addition it also offers a variable height adjustment from 31 7/8 inches to 45 7/8 inches. The higher end model also is supplied with casters included and is shipped fully assembled


Does the Multi-profile and High Rise Aluminum DIN Rail cutter cut Allen-Bradley 1492-DR6 high rise  aluminum DIN rail? 
Yes, this cutter was designed specifically for Allen-Bradley 1492-DR6 DIN rail. The other profiles are standard steel DIN rail sizes. Other manufacturers’ high rise aluminum DIN rail can be tested if the
customer sends a small sample piece.


What is LTL?
LTL (less than truckload) is shipping by truck or common carrier on a pallet. For larger quantity or larger weight shipments, the freight cost can be much lower than shipping by Parcel service as long as the end receiver can accept a truck. Often times shipping by LTL results in less potential damage than by several packages by UPS because the contents are packaged on a skid and handled as a single unit. UPS handles each piece individually which increases the risk of damage.