Custom Cutting Services

Din Rail and Wiring Duct Custom Cutting Services

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DIN Rail

Din Rail can be cut to any length in either a random or pattern cut. A random cut requires only one cut, typically used with self-tapping screws and is our cheaper option. A pattern cut is where the slot pattern is the same from piece to piece and is most commonly used on a pre-drilled back plate.

We can cut to the following Din Rail varieties:

35 x 7.5 steel

35 x 15 steel

15 x 5 steel

35 x 10 mm aluminum

Wiring Duct

Our Wiring Duct is cut to the requested length, or to the nearest slot. In addition, the cover is cut to the exact specifications of the customer. Our standard quality is more economical, functional and offered as pre-cut service. Our premium quality has a slightly better color, fit and finish.